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Omnipresent makes it fast and easy to employ remote talent anywhere in the world. We take care of payroll, benefits, compliance, taxes, and admin so you can focus on growing your business.

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Introducing Omnipresent

Build remote & international teams with Omnipresent.

Grow your remote or international teams by employing anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Employ anywhere

Never lose out on another world class candidate. Hire any talent, anywhere with Omnipresent today.

Onboard anytime

Onboard remote employees or teams at the click of a button. We manage all the complexities behind the scene.

One invoice for everything

We handle all of the complexity of local taxes and cross border payments. Pay your entire team’s salary, taxes and benefits in a single invoice.

Benefits for everyone

Provide competitive benefits packages for everyone in your team, regardless of where they are based.

Our features

Grow internationally without the admin.

One place to manage your whole remote team

Manage and onboard remote team members.

One invoice to cover all your remote employees

Keep admin to a minimum by just paying one invoice for payroll, taxes, contributions and benefits for all of your remote team. Now available in your preferred currency.

Manage your employee documents in one place

Manage documents, payslips, expenses, contracts and other documents in one place.

see how it works

Your team could be anywhere with Omnipresent.

Everything you need to manage international payroll, benefits and your team.

Why Omnipresent?

Doing international business is messy. Let us handle it.

Speed of onboarding

Found the perfect hire? Don't waste time onboarding them to your team.

Save time and costs

Setting up and running subsidiaries is time-consuming and costly. We handle it all so you can focus on building your business.

Global reach

Attract top talent from anywhere on the planet. Don’t miss out on the best candidates. Hire worldwide easily and instantly.

Legal and compliance

Don’t risk non-compliance with local employment, social insurance and tax regulations.

Reduce management overhead

Onboard and manage employee details, expenses, holidays, payslips and more, all in one place.

Look after your team

Create tailored benefits packages for your team regardless of where they are based.

Our Clients

Hear what our clients have to say.

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. Discover how Omnipresent has helped other companies.

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"As a fast growing remote company composed of remotely-based experts we simply didn’t have the time or the in-depth knowledge to hire full time personnel internationally. Omnipresent was quick to provide great advice, helping us all the way down to the minute detail to find an ideal solution. They were extremely helpful and working with them meant us avoiding the pitfalls of the European clamp down on freelance contracting. We highly recommend Omnipresent to anyone with the same issues as us."
Joe McMahon
COO at Same Solutions
“Before I was aware of Omnipresent's service, we spent over 5 months and ~$20K to establish a Swedish entity and hire a full-time employee. The process was horrendously painful for both us and the employee concerned, and that was despite using a local consultancy firm to expedite it.”
Patrick Stobbs
COO at Jukedeck
During the evaluation phase, all we did was bake off their proposal against several competitors, and it spoke for itself. Since choosing them, they have delivered on their promises 100%. 
Daniel Aisen
CEO at Proof

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please get in touch.

What is Omnipresent and how does it work?

Omnipresent makes it easy and fast for companies to employ, pay and support your international team. We do this by employing people - wherever they may be - on your behalf and act as the "Employer of Record".

What does Employer of Record ("EOR") mean?

The term “Employer of Record” describes the legal way of hiring workers in a new global market without having to deal with the legal and financial liabilities of setting up a local entity in a foreign country. Omnipresent acts as the employer of the individual, ensuring that all labor laws and regulations are observed and the worker is taken care of.

In an EOR capacity, Omnipresent is responsible for:

  • Complying with all local payroll and employment regulations
  • Issuing payslips and processing local payroll
  • Filing local taxes and managing benefits and contributions
  • Onboarding new employees with contracts compliant with local employment regulations
  • Providing ongoing, around the clock HR support
We have corporate entities set up in a number of countries, can we still use Omnipresent?

Definitely, even if you have set up your own entities, you can still use Omnipresent to process payroll, and ensure compliance with employment law, for each country you have remote workers in or offer employment for remote workers where you don't have local presence.

We employ our remote staff as independent contractors, why should we use Omnipresent?

In many countries, it is not legal to work as an independent contractor long term. In certain jurisdictions, repercussions could lead to severe financial penalties and removal of business license if the classification of the employee is not established in a compliant way. To help you navigate such challenges, Omnipresent has created a global infrastructure dedicated to serve your globally distributed teams.

How does invoicing and billing work?

We send a single invoice in a currency of your choice every month which will contain a breakdown of salaries, taxes, benefits and other contributions associated with your remote employee or team.

What countries does Omnipresent support?

We are increasing our global reach day by day and plan to be fully operational in at least 80 countries by the end of September. Currently, onboarding varies from country to country. Please contact us for concrete jurisdictions and we will revert instantly with setup timings.

Do we need to take care of filing monthly/annual reports to the tax authorities?

No. Omnipresent takes care of all of this on your behalf.

Do you have any discounts for startups or for companies looking to hire more than one employee?

Yes, we want to work with businesses of all sizes and have discounts available. If you are a startup or if you are planning on hiring more than one employee then please talk to us to discuss.

Can you support pension payments?
How do we make a change to employment details, review payroll, or exchange and collect documents?
What benefits do you support?

We can offer tailored benefits packages on demand, country by country. Please contact us for further details.

As an employer, how do I get started?

Please arrange a free consultation with us to start onboarding employees today.


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