Our Vision

A world where any company can employ anyone, anywhere.

About Us

Why did we build Omnipresent?

We created Omnipresent to solve the challenges we faced while starting our business thousands of miles apart and managing a remote team. As entrepreneurs, we believed that our first priority should be  towards growing our business and accessing the best global talent, not focusing on the admin required to make that possible. We also believe in providing every employee with the tools and support that will make them feel part of the team no matter where they are. Omnipresent gives you more time to do what matters, less of the boring admin. We are our own client and gained tremendous freedom from using our platform and becoming a global remote-first company. Now your team can be anywhere too. And we are here to help you every step of the way.

Matthew Wilson and Guenther Eisinger

Our mandates

What we aim to do as a company


Empower businesses to grow internationally


Guide our clients through complexity and challenges


Collaborate with others to provide the best service


Inspire each other to be limitless

Global Reach

Wherever you want to be.

We are present wherever our clients want to be.

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